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WANDAVISION Spoiler And Easter Egg Round-Up


You know the drill by now. Easter eggs means spoilers. Leave now if you haven’t seen episode 7 of WandaVision yet.

Warning: Spoilers Below

Well, that episode blew the lid off a whole heap of stuff! WandaVision really is basically a big movie, isn’t it? Over the episodes so far they have followed a classic 3 act structure, which is why maybe some people found episode 1 and 2 frustrating. Now we are clearly into Act 3, and they even throw in a classic Marvel stinger post credits. And as you would expect in Act 3, things are being revealed.

As usual, the Marvel Comics and MCU references are still coming thick and fast in the form of Easter Eggs all over the place and as we like to here at Last Movie Outpost we thought we should keep trying to round-up as many as we noticed.

It’s All About The Snap

There is no getting away from it. It was the biggest thing ever to happen in the Avenger’s Universe. Thanos cost Wanda everything she loves, then snapped her out of existence. The snap is everywhere. If it psychologically broke you of course you would want to, maybe, sugar coat reality?

It’s All About Wanda

Hidden in the title sequence was the clear message that it’s all about her. Her name, appearing again and again and again… but with one big exception.

Sinister, threatening, warning? Who was this message from? We potentially found out later in the episode.

All Change For Monica

They dropped enough hints. Talk of her genetic code being rewritten and she travels through the Hex in the past. This time you got to see what happened to Monica. Is this is the point where she becomes Spectrum? We hear Captain Marvel, we also hear Nick Fury say:

“Learn to glow like your Aunt Carol”

If you were in any doubt, Monica executes a perfect superhero landing when Wanda hits her with a bolt. A new hero was born in this episode.

The Ads Still Follow The Infinity Stones

As we discussed over a week ago, the ads are about the infinity stones. The toaster (Power), the watch (Time) and the Tesseract-shaped bath powder (Space) were joined by the red liquid as a reference to the Aether (Reality) two episodes ago. This week the Aether is back.

A direct reference to reality with a very clear message? Side effects include:

“…feeling your feelings, confronting your truth, seizing your destiny, and possibly more depression.

In the comics there was a Nexus of All Realities, guarded by Man Thing after it was created in the Florida Everglades by magic. Nexus beings can control this and can shape reality via the Nexus. Is Wanda a Nexus being?

Speaking of Magic…

A Witches Spell Book?

Agnes’ basement seems to be a bit… Everglade-y? And why is there a spell book? Who needs one of those? Another witch! And what was Agnes dressed as at Halloween?

The Nexus of All Realities was, in the comics, a portal created from a spell in a similar book of magic. Maybe this entire thing isn’t Wanda’s creation after all? But who could it be?

Agnes The Terrible

As we speculated last time, Agnes is Agatha Harkness. Originally Franklin Richards governess, the infant son of Reed Richards and Sue Storm, she has been both friend and enemy to Wanda in the course of the comics. She’s another witch and clearly a villain here. Afterall, she killed Sparky the Dog! Is she acting alone? Is she responsible for the reality? Probably not as her powers are shown as purple whereas Wanda does her magic in red, and the hex is red. So what is she up to and what does she want?

Whatever happens, she claims it was her all along.

When Pietro / Quicksilver encountered Monica trying to sneak into the cellar, her eyes flashed purple. Agatha’s magic at play again?
It’s on the home stretch now and the end is in sight, or the beginning. Afterall, this is the MCU and everything is connected. This will lead into Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness and Spider-Man 3.