Well, that’s a thing now. Here’s you’re WandaVision series finale “review”.

So it all comes to an end. I’m not going to spoil it here, we’ll set up a WandaVision¬†open thread where you can discuss spoilers all you want. As for my review, it’s decent.

There’s not a particularly happy ending here but it does end as it should. Wanda embraces her full power and gets a new outfit which admittedly is pretty cool.

While Vision comes in and out a little too quickly. Obviously, more will come from him. The Vision in the hex is shown to be more than just Wanda’s power.

Agatha and Wanda’s throwdown starts out a little boring with two people throwing colored light at each other but then it gets interesting.

We find out some of the answers to some of the other people in town and it’s nothing mind-blowing. This review for WandaVision isn’t going to be the most riveting.

Overall, “Series Finale” succeeds in kicking off phase 4 of the MCU and where we go from here. There’s a feeling of a turning point but that much of it will be realized in later stories. And I’m fine with that. In a lot of comic stories, a big change will happen in a 6-issue arc but the ramifications always come later.

Don’t get too attached to this guy.

That’s really what the MCU is. I felt the same way about the old DC Animated Universe. The world has it’s various books, mini-series, and crossovers. The spirit of a comic book with the production values of a big movie.

A lot of people are looking for The Empire Strikes Back or Dr. Zhivago or some huge culture-changing story every single time. Not everyone, of course, but the standards sometimes set on comic book stories sometimes feels a little high.

Personally, I like it. It’s rewatchable, I like the characters, and it’s fun. Sometimes I just want to have some fun. Could it have been more? In some ways, I think they wrapped a few things a bit too tidy, but in other ways, there are a lot of ramifications on what Wanda did that should reverberate throughout the future stories.

They certainly built on Age Of Ultron and it continues to have effects on the MCU. So I’m looking forward to what’s going to happen going forward.

This is where things always are difficult to review. If I take “Series Finale” on its own with nothing else to deal with then it’s ok. A little too tidy in a few areas and a little too unsurprising in others. But the wrap-up and the way Wanda resolves the situation is clever and that there are long-lasting ramifications going forward is great.

And that’s the issue, I have to review WandaVision within the greater scope of the MCU, which has become its own television show.