Exposition dump time! Here’s your WandaVision┬áReview: “Previously On.”

No sitcoms, no real push forward of the story, just a big exposition dump. Why this all happened and how Agatha Harkness is involved.

Spoilers Ahead

So is Agatha evil? Perhaps not. Her origin showed her at Salem getting ready to be burned as a witch but with a bit of a twist. She’s on trial by her fellow witches who feel she’s been getting a little too powerful and evil. It doesn’t go well for them but it’s difficult to say if Agatha meant to hurt them or not. A nice parallel to Wanda’s situation now.

Flashback to the present and Agatha wants to know how Wanda was able to do the things she does. She does have a spell in the room so Wanda can’t use her magic and yes, it’s becoming apparent that the Mind Stone didn’t give her her powers, instead, it unlocked what she already had.

From there we take a walk down memory lane and get to see the moments that have been spoken about in previous movies: The bomb labeled “Stark” when they were kids, her receiving the powers from the mind stone, her connecting with Vision after Pietro was killed, and finally how she ended up in Westview.

We also see how she loved old sitcoms even as a kid, how she can blip out moments on a recording, and what really happened when she invaded S.W.O.R.D.

It brings it all together well. But it’s also stuff we probably could’ve guessed. I did enjoy how she ended up in Westview though, it’s touching and sad.

On a side note, I have seen some grumblings from people I normally agree with on how this is another feminist show and how men are treated badly. While I’ll be the first one to criticize that wretched Captain Marvel movie for those very things, I don’t see it here. Wanda is very powerful, but she is very damaged. Her entire reason for doing all this is for her love of a man (albeit a synthetic one). She has done some very questionable things with her power.

I know we all have our antennae up these days thanks to Disney being so woke it’s sickening, but I also have to call it as I see it. Wanda has been a fairly strong side character who has gone through a lot of crap in the movies. She’s made mistakes, she blames herself for some of it, and she’s had to sacrifice a lot.

Agatha finally understands why she’s so powerful, even giving Wanda her famous comic-book name.

Overall the episode is needed and answers a lot of questions. It also is an exposition episode filled to the brim with flashbacks. So your mileage may vary. I personally appreciate the answers but it also feels like a pause before finally resolving anything. This is where I think the week-to-week strategy works against the show as opposed to just throwing the entire thing out there Netflix-style.

On to the finale!