Holy Crap that ending. Drunken Yoda here for your newest WandaVision review: Breaking The Fourth Wall.

So this Disney+ episode addresses many fan theories, some wrong, some very correct.

We head into the “oughties” with a Modern Family slash The Office-style show with Wanda occasionally talking to the camera as if being interviewed.

She’s very depressed and is not able to hold the hex together correctly as things keep changing around the house. Side note, while Elizabeth Olsen has been generally fantastic in staying in character in these various eras, she’s just not doing this one as well as before. It’s almost as if the cheesiness regressed? I don’t know, it just didn’t work for me as the other episodes.

Meanwhile, Vision finds Darcy in the circus and, after some comedic beats, frees her from mind control. They take a truck and head into Westview where Darcy explains Vision’s past to him and how he ended up dead. They get waylaid a lot by traffic lights, construction workers, and crossing guards. Vision realizes that Wanda(?) is keeping him from coming back.

Monica meets up with a group of SWORD personnel that wants to help her, friends of her mother. They realize that from the files Darcy was able to get that Heyward was trying to get Vision back online to get a weapon under his control. He wasn’t able to until Wanda stole his body.

Not Reed Richards (let’s put that rumor to bed) has brought them a big old vehicle made to run in space. Two issues. One is no one was able to get in that thing while it was in the storage container, much like no way Doc could into the Delorean. Two is they specifically mention that it was made to work in space. Where there is no air. Yet you clearly hear a massive internal combustion engine rev. Ah well, I’m a nitpicker.

She fails to get into the hex with this machine so just decides to go in anyway on her own. This is when she turns into Photon, though that’s only for you people who know who that is.

She gets to Wanda’s house where they almost have a throw down. But then Agnes comes in and takes Wanda to her house. That’s where the ending finally comes in. She reveals to Wanda she’s also magical and (rumor confirmed) her name is Agatha Harkness.

It was Agatha all along.

The hilarious reveal done as an Munsters-style opening is pitch-perfect. Remember when I said Kathryn Hahn is a national treasure? I defy you to watch that reveal and not agree with me.

The interview segments are great, with some being so clearly set up (like Vision’s) to betray you’re on a show. It’s pretty funny. This also helps address that Wanda may not be the despicable person I was worried about after the last episode. So while I have some nitpicks, the story was great and the reveal makes me elevate the score. Great episode of MCU entertainment.

P.S. Watch past the credits!