Somebody has to try and keep score around here, as these WandaVision easter eggs are coming thick and fast, dropping like spoiler bombs all over the MCU. The slow burn, the start that some have found annoying with the total dedication (at first) to the sitcom format, has given way to something. The mystery is slowly unravelling and the speculation is reaching fever pitch here at the Outpost.

What the hell does it all mean? Well episode 5 – On A Very Special Episode – has a hell of a lot to unpack. So let’s get started. Be warned – SPOILERS FOLLOW.

Family Ties

It moved well and truly into the 80’s in sitcom style with Growing Pains, Full House and Family Ties influences all featuring.

Andy Keaton from Family Ties was born in season 4. When the show returned for season 5 Andy was suddenly 5 years old and no explanation was given. Is WandaVision teasing about this? Or does the twins rapid ageing speak to something else? One thing is for sure, Bettany’s Michael Gross impression was on point at times.

Like all cheesy 80s sitcoms, there needed to be a saccharine theme song, and here WandaVision also dropped a couple of hints as to what is going on, alluding to the whole thing being made up as they go along:

“You wander the world with a vision…Of what life could be
But then the years come and teach you…To just wait and see
Forces may try to pull us apart…But nothing can phase me
If you’re in my heart
Crossing our fingers
Singing a song
We’re making it up as we go along
Through the highs and lows
We’ll be right, we’ll be wrong
We’re making it up as we go along
And there will be days…We won’t know which way to go
But we’ll take it higher…You’re all I desire
When the going gets tough…When push comes to shove
We’re making it up
Cuz we got love we got love we got love
We got WandaVision”

Advertisements To Die For

We have already seen Hydra watches and Hydra Soak, a bath experience that asks you to:

“Come with me. Escape to a world of your own where your problems fade away…”

Marvel supremo Kevin Feige explained that the ads are more important than people might think in an interview as the first episode aired:

“Other truths of the show begin to leak out, and commercials was an early idea for that, and if this is the very first Marvel MCU thing you’re watching, it’s just a strange version of a ’50s commercial or a ’60s commercial that you’ll have to keep watching the series to understand. If you have been watching the movies, you might be able to start connecting what those things mean to the past.”

This week’s advertisement poked fun at the current marketing department obsession with every family being ethnically blended, but if you missed that you probably didn’t miss the more obvious message. Lagos Brand Paper Towels with their slogan

“For when you make a mess you didn’t mean to.”

This clearly references the opening scenes of Captain America: Civil War as a newbie Avenger makes a mistake. Wanda used her powers to stop Crossbones from detonating a bomb in a crowded marketplace in Lagos, Nigeria.

However she inadvertently caused damage to a building where Wakandan aid workers were sheltering, killing them. This kicked off the drive for the Sokovia Accords that split the MCU in two. Does this mean Wanda is dealing with more, mentally, than just Vision’s death?

The Lagos ad also contains yet another nod to the Infinity Stones. The toaster (Power), the watch (Time) and the Tesseract-shaped bath powder (Space) are joined by the red liquid as a reference to the Aether (Reality).

Keep an eye out for the Mind and Soul stones in the next couple of episodes.

House Of Pain

Between labels on wine bottles in episode one and everything else that seems to be unfolding, almost everyone at the Outpost seems to agree that we are getting something along the lines of the House Of M storyline. There was another big hint in this episode as Vision reading a newspaper with the headline “Local Homemakers Innovating Recipes” which is a hint to Agnes saying in episode one that she is a Le Cordon Bleu qualified chef.

Even more intriguingly, Vision somewhat awkwardly folds the newspaper in a way so that it only shows “HOM” – House Of M?

What is Agnes? What is the show trying to tell us about her? She is seemingly complicit in some way, but seems disturbed when it is revealed Wanda can resurrect things. Agnes is always helping out with the kids. Is she Agatha Harkness?

In the comics she was Franklin Richards governess. Franklin was the infant son of Reed Richards and Sue Storm. And speaking of Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four

Monica Rambeau was wearing colors that were similar to the classic Fantastic Four scheme from Marvel’s heyday when she was sucked into the town in episode 4. She was also mentioned to be high-up in the astronaut training program before the snap vanished her for years. Who else were Marvel astronauts? Were they also absent in the snap, hence their absence in the battle against Thanos?

Monica mentions that she has a particular “aerospace engineer” in mind to call for help. Could it be Reed Richards?

Either way, she certainly didnt seem to be impressed with the idea of Captain Marvel returning. Did you see the look on her face when Carol Danvers was mentioned?

Brotherly Love

Of course, the biggest moment was her brother Pietro turning up, but not the MCU version. This was Evan Peters from the 20th Century Fox X-Men movies.

“She recast Pietro?”

Does this confirm the multiverse? Does it confirm mutants as MCU Wanda and Pietro were mutants whose powers were activated by Strucker’s experiments in Avengers: Age Of Ulton? Aaron Taylor-Johnson played Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Peters played him in X-Men Days of Future Past.

Is Wanda so powerful that she ripped open a hole in the multiverse itself? We know we have the Spiderverse for Spider-Man 3 and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness to come so anything is possible. Unless… what if it’s someone manipulative merely taking the form of Pietro to mess with Wanda even further? That would also fit the idea of the House Of M.

Pietro appeared with a sitcom staple, the bad-boy boyfriend look. Just like in Family Ties with Nick – Mallory’s not very smart boyfriend. Nick also starred in an episode of the show where he got a dog and it died. A dead dog, you say?

Oh Sparky!

Tom King and Gabriel Hernandez Walta wrote a story in which Vision and his family – not the Maximoffs – moved to suburbia and tried to live a normal life. They also had a dog. A synthezoid canine named Sparky who also died.

It upset the twins enough to make them reveal that Wanda had powers in front of Agnes. Did she play along? In an earlier scene Agnes called for a scene reset and line repeat, as if a mistake had been made taping a show.

In a nearby scene Wanda and Vision see the babies just vanish before they turn up as older children. In the Dark Scarlet Witch story from Avengers West Coast the first clue that something was wrong with Wanda was how the twins would disappear when she wasn’t looking at them.

The fact that there are no other kids in Westview appears to be the final straw that convinces the logical Vision to finally understand that this is very, very wrong.

Rounding Up

We haven’t even touched on Darcy referring to the anomaly as “The Hex” when Wanda’s powers were always referred to as “Hex Bolts” in the comics. Wanda’s accent making a sudden comeback. SWORD declaring this the The Maximoff Anomaly. Vision’s having a living will which Wanda disrespected. Vision’s corpse being in Westview with her, meaning maybe Vision’s earlier dead appearance in another episode was reality intervening?

Wanda using the Magneto move from X-Men on the SWORD soldiers with their guns, when Magneto was Pietro’s father in the X-Men movies. Vision says he was reading Charles Darwin’s The Descent of Man to one of the twins. This is a book that deals with evolution, and mutants are said to be the next stage of our evolution in the world of Marvel.

Finally, for fans of the Twilight Zone, notice that Agnes lives on the corner of Maple St. and Sherwood Drive. The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street is an episode of that show that shows paranoia eventually giving way to panic in a idyllic suburban setting neighborhood. Eventually it devolves further into a riot.

The ending reveals an alien spaceship. Its crew are watching the riot on Maple Street while using a device to manipulate the neighborhood’s power. They comment on how simply fiddling with consistency leads people to descend into paranoia and panic, and that this is a pattern that can be exploited.

A hint at the whole thing being manipulated by an outside power?

There is so much to unpack and speculate with this show. Most of us are loving the mystery and the teases that trigger our inner detective. One thing is for sure, the people making this know a lot about Marvel comics and are clearly reveling in their geekery.

Speculate away Outposters. What did we miss? And what the hell does it all mean?

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