WandaVision is warming up nicely to some, with it’s slow burn and gradual mysterious reveals. For others it remains infuriatingly slow and frustrating. But fear not! Our resident Disqus comic books super-uber geek Creativityishard/KK is also the keeper of the WandaVision scrolls. Easter Eggs are implanted all over this show now, and we need the guidance of one who knows too much to decipher them for us.
Be warned, there are SPOILERS from here on in, not just for the show, but for the comics and potentially the MCU in general. Proceed at your own risk.

What The Hell Is Going On?

Holy sh*tballs was episode 3 of WandaVision something. First thing is first, let’s get this out of the way- Tommy and Billy are officially in the MCU!
Tommy and Billy Maximoff are Wanda’s twin boys, one (Tommy) is a speedster, and his twin brother (Billy) inherited his mom’s powers. Interestingly enough, the order of their birth was predicted in the comics because even Doctor Strange didn’t know Billy was there and only detected Tommy. I found this on twitter.
The episode starts out with full 1970s Brady Bunch feels, and did y’all notice a lot of what was in the trailer was in the opening credits? So we haven’t seen a lot of the show… we’ve just seen the trailers. The stained glass window and stairs and even the way the layout of the house inside didn’t make sense to the front of the house when Vision was talking to Agnes and Herb- that all seemed very 1970s sitcom but also maybe a clue to the fact that something is off.
Wanda’s pregnancy is happening very fast, but that’s not the strange part. The strange part in the entire episode is that Wanda never leaves the house.
Not summing up the whole episode, but let’s talk Easter eggs and mystery bits:
-Herb (the neighbor) cutting into the brick wall with his tool thing. Was that a sword? Was he trying to cut into the safe space that Wanda created?

-The butterfly mobile becoming real butterflies and Wanda’s powers seemingly going wacky without her control. That was Billy. We knew Billy was going turn the mobile into real butterflies, but he did it in uterus. The stork, jacket changing, vacuum going nuts, spinning of the artwork- all Billy.
-Vision talking about how this is all happening, and how thinks something is wrong then he glitched back. I really thought Disney f**ked up and it was a glitch. No. And we know when Wanda has control it’s a rewind. This was someone outside.
-The doctor not being able to leave town.

-Everything with Dottie makes me raise my eyebrow. That actress is well known, and they tried to hide her on set. Part of me wonders where Emma Caulfield is right now, if she is in London on the new Doctor Strange set. There is more to her than that.
-Monica/Geraldine’s/Foxy’s story. Listen to it. She talks about her boss Haddock, Myra Haddock is a scientist in the MCU, specifically Alpha Flight (which is Canadian SWORD/SHIELD). She talks about getting a promotion at work.
-The commercial. Suspended animation? Isn’t that what folks in comics do? And there’s an Agents of SHIELD tie in. Tahiti is a magical place. Off topic: I love that Coulson makes his own soap now. Like I can picture it in either Fight Club style or him in his kitchen in an apron making minty scrubs.
-The stork running around. Storks, but also herons (which that looked like) have cultural meanings… babies and death. And Wanda not being able to make the bird go away.

-Can Vision move that fast? I didn’t think that was a thing he did. That felt like more of a Flash thing.
-When Wanda told her husband to let their son see his dad for the first time… I think there will be another Vision kid. This show bases itself on a few comics, but a big one is The Visions, and not having a daughter? Maybe a child that looks like Vision in his real form?
-Agnes and Herb talking about how Geraldine isn’t from here, that she doesn’t have a house. Wanda would have made her a house… so Wanda isn’t in control.
-We saw Agnes’s pin closer. It had a guy with a grim reaper stick and two women, so either Grim Reaper or Mephisto.
-Monica/Geraldine/Foxy’s pin. I thought it was a peace ☮️ symbol at first. But it’s SWORD, and then look at her pants, if you’re going to look at her whole outfit intensely let’s look at her pants. Was there a red fish on those? A red herring perhaps?
-Agnes making a mention to Ralph looking better in the dark.
– Wanda brought up Pietro. When she did her accent came out. She began to sing in her native tongue. This is the first time since Age of Ultron we’ve heard about Pietro. Then Monica/Geraldine/ Foxy (in non-jive 1970s speak) mentioned Ultron killing Pietro.

-Wanda’s head tilt. Wanda tilting her head like that is a pure sign crazy Wanda is coming out.
-Monica being thrown out of the community. Westview you make your own dreams.

We know this’ll end badly for Wanda. But we also know that the twins will age up. Does Mephisto only think there was one child? Does he think he’s only getting the speedster only to have Billy come? Also this means we are getting Billy and Tommy in whatever is planned for Young Avengers.
Which means we get Wiccan and Hulkling, and Feige promised us more LGBTQ representation and Billy is a big part of that.
Also when does Jimmy Woo come back?
Okay… gonna watch this again and maybe order some comics.
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