So what the heck does it all mean? That is the general question everyone seems to be asking themselves. From deep, deep Marvel nerds who are all over every single detail like white on rice, to the casual fan who only really knows Marvel from the recent MCU, everyone appears to be talking about WandaVision.
Critical reaction has been very good. Audience reaction has ranged from totally invested to “What the hell was that supposed to be?” but one thing is for sure. Just like with Lost, the unravelling of the mystery via fan theories and speculation is going to be a major feature of this show over it’s limited run.


Why would chewing gum cause Vision to act like he did? Who is the voice on the radio? What is the significance of the toy helicopter? Why does the world sometimes loop, and seemingly cause Wanda to break character and repeat “Vision, help him!”, and just what the hell was that beekeeper all about?

Well starting there we can at least say we know one thing for sure. Between the symbol on his back, and the same symbol on the notebook in the closing titles, we know SWORD are involved.

Who the hell are SWORD? The Sentient World Observation Response Department is a SHIELD-adjacent organization who deal with extraterrestrial threats. First reaction is that they are seemingly trying to invade Wanda’s mind in some way, which has somehow turned everything into an old TV sitcom. We are not the only ones speculating this.

But why a beekeeper? And why was he climbing out of a sewer surrounded by bees? Weird. Either way this logo is definitely connected to the toy helicopter too, as could be clearly seen when Wanda retrieved it from the bush.

The SWORD theory could be supported by the voice breaking through on the radio relaying the message “Wanda, can you read me? Over.”  Who could this be, and why are they trying to contact Wanda, wherever she is and whatever this sitcom world means?
The normal credits don’t offer up any clues, the English credits, but if you stuck around, or left it playing and glanced up by the time the Spanish credits rolled around you would see a MASSIVE clue.

“Agente Woo” is listed in the credits of the episode. Agent Woo (Randall Park) is the FBI agent who supervised Scott Lang during his house arrest in Ant-Man and the Wasp. Park is confirmed to be in the WandaVision cast. This doesn’t unveil motivations but it’ clearly possible that Woo, an FBI agent and former SHEILD employee could be working at SWORD.

As an aside, I personally hadn’t picked up on the fact that one character is Monica Rambeau. In the comics Monica Rambeau was a version of Captain Marvel.

You already know the name of Monica Rambeau already in the MCU, from the Captain Marvel movie. So where the hell are they taking this? And how does it all fit? The mind is starting to well and truly boggle.

Another big tease could be the random tease of a Marvel “big bad” in the opening credits to episode 2. During the Bewitched homage titles Vision is seen to phase through the floorboards of their house. Lurking under the floorboards, beneath the surface, is a helmet belonging to none other than The Grim Reaper. Lurking beneath… where the bee keeper came from?

The Grim Reaper is an undead, murderous mercenary, the brother of a classic Avenger, and part of Wanda Maximoff and Vision’s complicated extended family. If they follow the comics then he is going to be very, very bad news for the Avengers and for Wanda herself.

This could all link in to the biggest over-riding theme that could well be revealed over the course of the rest of this limited run.
During the dinner scene, with Wanda and Vision following the classic sitcom trope of trying to impress Vision’s boss, they linger on the bottle of wine as it is being served. The wine is called Maison Du Mepris, which translates to “House of Contempt”.
There’s also a none-too-subtle “M” on the neck, and it feels like “M” is important here.

Now thanks to our resident uber-Marvel fan from the Disqus herself, Creativityishard/KK, we start to get an idea where the heck this might all be going. To the House Of M.

The House Of M

House of M is a major storyline featuring Wanda Maximoff. Excitingly, following the Disney acquisition of Fox, this could well be what paves the way for mutants to finally enter the MCU. That would include the X-Men. There is A LOT to take in around the House Of M storyline, and I have never read it so I had to do some research prompted by the aforementioned Outposter, but I think I have got my head around it. Again… HERE BE SPOILERS!
Vision is dead. There is no getting away from that. Also dead are Wanda’s children – hence her growing bump appearing from nowhere in the TV show? Scarlett Witch’s powers grow out of control with her grief. The Avengers and X-Men actually discuss if they have no choice but to kill Wanda as she is becoming a danger to reality and existence itself.

Her brother, Quicksilver, reveals this to Wanda and she then uses her powers to create an alternate reality where mutants are the dominant species on Earth.
Through unintended consequences Magneto and the mutants reign supreme via the House of M, which consists of Magneto and his children, holding court over all of humanity. Other Marvel heroes appear, but different. An aged Steve Rogers, a Doctor Strange with no powers, for instance.
Wolverine has intact memories and helps the mutants realize that this is an altered reality. They discover that Scarlett Witch is being manipulated by Magneto. The attempt to unravel this inadvertently leads to more mutants.
We know the MCU has to change up some things that either wouldn’t work in live action from the comics, or abbreviate some story lines, can we make a guess as to what is going on here based on a rough outline of The House Of M storyline?
Quicksilver is dead in this MCU reality – killed by Ultron in a Quinjet in Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

Wanda and Vision only really had a relationship from Avengers: Infinity War onwards. Wanda, as far as we know, certainly wasn’t pregnant. We haven’t seen a single mutant outside Wanda and Quicksilver so far. And if the X-Men did exist where were they during various battles across the franchise to date.
Could it be that a spin on this storyline will be used to bring us mutants? Is the world we see in WandaVision a representation of Wanda in an alternate universe? Has she already snapped, and SWORD are trying to rouse a comatose Wanda to undo the damage she has done? Will her rousing result in a shocking chain of events that unleashes other mutants in the MCU leading to the eventual appearance of the X-Men?
If the Grim Reaper is in play here, will he be the catalyst that starts all this? Has it already started and we are seeing the fallout?
My head is starting to hurt with all the possibilities here. I think I need to handover to you, our glorious Outposters, to build on this. I need a lie down.