A week ago #CancelDisneyPlus was trending, this week comes the news that Disney probably won’t care. One month on from the premiere and WandaVision is the most popular TV show in the entire world. (Checkout our review of the latest Episode.)


Parrot Analytics monitor and analyze social media, fan ratings, and piracy information as indicators of audience demand. Forbes have reported on their findings, that WandaVision has moved to the top of their most watched list.

The series initially started slowly, only climbing as high as 7th place. However it dived directly to the top of the ratings by the end of last weeks episode. The slow build burt sustained buzz was attributed to the Disney+ weekly release strategy rather than the binge watch friendly approach that Amazon and Netflix take with their shows.

This builds momentum and anticipation, plus prolongs water cooler type conversations about the show online and between friends.


The Mandalorian was also a top performer proving these mega-IPs still have life in them.

WandaVision has three episode left before Falcon And Winter Soldier kicks off on March 19th. No idea whether WandaVision will ever return as it is apparently building towards Spider-Man 3 and Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. It’s run ends March 5th.