Fresh from an Oscar win, New Zealand director Taika Waititi isn’t getting stranded in arthouse awards bait cinema.  His plans are pretty big.  Jojo Rabbit is getting the plaudits and his name is on an episode of The Mandalorian, but he’s not taking a break.

Filming has already wrapped on his soccer movie Next Goal Wins starring Michael Fassbender and he’s now deep into prepping Thor: Love and Thunder to start shooting late summer.

But what of Akira? The much-loved anime has been struggling to be realised on the screen for decades.  Additionally his name is constantly linked with a potential new Star Wars movie.

Now in an interview with Variety, he has moved to dampen expectations.

“I wish there was a better story, I’ll put it that way. Are there discussions about the Star Wars film? Like, yeah, I discussed with my friends in 1996 how cool Star Wars was. That’s what they’re going off … I think people see me hanging out with people, especially with Star Wars, and think I’m having some big discussions about it. I would f—ing love to … If it was right. I would want to do any kind of movie if it made sense, and if it felt not like career suicide.”

He confirms Thor impacted Akira and that project now depends on the studio:

“The whole thing went on hold. We had to keep pushing the dates, and it encroached on the Thor dates, which were immovable. So Akira ended up shifting two years down the track … Post-Thor. So I’m not sure if even in two years I’d be – I don’t know what I’m doing in f—ing two days … I think eventually it will happen. I’m just not sure if I’ll be doing it.”

Next Goal Wins is expected late this year, with a release date yet to be set.  Thor: Love and Thunder will be with us on November 5th 2021.

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