Talk about flying under my radar! DY here to review Amazon Prime’s new series, Invincible.

Based on Robert Kirkman’s comic of the same name, Invincible is also the main character’s superhero name. Those of you familiar with the comic will find a lot to like here. And some things to dislike.

I watched the first 4 episodes on Prime and then went back and refamiliarized myself with the original comic. Right away there are some differences. Mark Grayson is the son of Omni-Man, a sort of Superman who came from a different planet and is the strongest superhero on earth. He lives a normal life until his superpowers finally appear in high school.

He meets Eve who is also a superhero and part of Teen Team, a sort of Teen Titans. There is a Justice League, called Guardians of the Globe. It really starts out as a fairly typical superhero/coming of age story.

Until Omni-Man kills every one of the Guardians in a blood bath Tarantino would applaud.

Well, I won’t spoil much more after that. So far it pretty much follows the comic. There are some aliens that come to earth from a different dimension where time passes differently for them. This is done much differently here in the outcome and I have to wonder how that’s going to affect the story down the road. This was a huge deal in how earth ended up.

The biggest change is Amber, Mark’s normal girlfriend in high school. She’s been completely SJW’d and obviously is perfect because she knows all the gender studies buzzwords along with every other lefty trope. If you know what happens to their relationship in the comics, this is short-sighted at best.

One of the things I have mentioned before is an Avengers: Endgame’s girl-power moment. It’s supposed to be a big female empowerment moment…except they FAIL. It ends up looking like all the women wanted to do was look good but not actually deal with petty details like getting the job done.

It’s a very short-sighted moment that dealt with for just the moment, not the outcome. So too here, you got your big SJW girlfriend but if things play out, she ain’t going to look good.

However, there are some real shots at SJW culture in Invincible as well. One of the bad guys seems to be steeped in it. Perhaps this is all some sort of backhanded attack at it?

This guy's stache says it all.

The comics really didn’t mess with all that. It told a good story over ~145 issues to a satisfying conclusion. That’s what is really missing I think sometimes with mainstream comics, nothing ever ends. People grow, change.

The ultimate fate of Earth is similar to Watchmen’s Ozymandius’s plan, minus the insane amount of bloodshed. It is really something to wonder about. If the world really is a better place, and people are free and happy, was it wrong?

Well, that’s way down the line and I have no idea if the show will take that route. But minus a few moments here and there, I enjoyed it. J.K. Simmons is probably the perfect Omni-Man. The rest of the voice cast holds their own. Of course, all are race-matched to their actors because that’s apparently a thing now. Doesn’t want to make me throw up at all.

So here we are. They put this crap in my shows so now I have to deal with it. If it turns out that’s a repudiation of this nasty culture they foist on us, then I would recommend it wholeheartedly. But if not, I would shut it off.

Invincible is entertaining, it’s well animated and generally follows the comic fine. Where it goes compared to the comic is still up in the air. I’ll follow up when this season is done to update you on what I think.

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