Big vampire news. It’s all happening in the world of vampires.

No, the invention of synthetic blood hasn’t led to them coming out of the shadows and revealing their existence. There are just two bits of vampire-related entertainment news and we couldn’t be bothered to write two articles.

First up AMC+ has started shooting Firebite in South Australia this week with Shantae Barnes-Cowan, Yael Stone, Rob Collins, and Callan Mulvey rounding out the cast in the lead roles.

The series is described as high-octane, with an intriguing premise. SAFilm reported on the upcoming show.

Two aboriginal hunters, Tyson (Collins) and Shanika (Barnes-Cowan), journey to a remote desert mining town in the South Australian desert. The catch, it’s the last vampire stronghold on Earth.

The creatures were shipped from Britain to Australia in 1788 when they established the prison colony. The vampires now shelter in the underground mines and tunnels that surround the town and their population has grown.

The eight-episode series which will debut on AMC+ later this year and was created and written by Warwick Thornton (Sweet Country).

In the second bit of vampire news, the role of Louis has been filled in the AMC series adaption of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. Jacob Anderson will play the role. You might recognize the Game Of Thrones alum.

He played Unsullied leader Grey Worm on the HBO smash. He will take on the role played by Brad Pitt in the 1994 adaption. Louis is a young man who is seduced into the world of the undead by the vampire Lestat (Sam Reid). Former Thrones director Alan Taylor is helming the show’s first two episodes.

Anderson will also appear in the upcoming thirteenth season of Doctor Who as a companion to The Doctor (Jodie Whittaker).

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