Disney+ is planning their Halloween special set in the MCU for October 2022. The smart money is that it will be based on the Werewolf By Night comics. Does this mean Vampire By Night will also appear?

While plot details for the untitled special are under wraps, the speculation is that Gael Garcia Bernal will appear as Jack Russell.


He is a descendent of the Russoff line. Grigori Russoff saw his wife killed by Dracula in 1795. In revenge, Grigori ambushed and destroyed Dracula. In the process, he was attacked by Lydia, a werewolf formerly imprisoned by Dracula. Over the years his lycanthropy passed onto his descendant, Jack Russell.

According to Deadline, Laura Donnelly (The Nevers, Outlander) Bernal in the Halloween special. The speculation is that she will be playing Nina Price.


She is the niece of Russell. Nina’s mother, Lissa Russell, was a victim of the curse until an altercation with a sorcerer named freed her from becoming a werewolf. Lissa then married a wealthy business tycoon named Mr. Price and gave birth to Nina.

The curse, unfortunately, continued its course to Nina, and when she was attacked and bitten by a vampire, she began to exhibit traits of both werewolves and vampires.

She was eventually recruited into the SHIELD Paranormal Containment Unit – The Howling Commandos.

Production is to start imminently.

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