In the UK, the current opposition party is the Labour Party, standing against the incumbent Conservative government. The Labour Party is invariably on the left-wing of the political spectrum, being an alliance of social democrats, democratic socialists and trade unionists.

Since 1922, Labour has been supposed to represent the workers against the corporations. Although for the last thirty years it has seen itself slowly, and now increasingly quickly, morph into a protest party that seems to unquestionably adopt and campaign in support of every single progressive, woke position they can find, no matter how insane and completely at odds with the general mood of the country.


This then separates them further from the very workers they were formed to represent and hands the Conservative Party victory after victory, despite their incompetence in government, as the electorate looks on in horror at the comedy antics of Labour.

This was never more evident than last week when the Labour conference was held against the backdrop of a fuel shortage and haulage crisis in the UK. What should have been an open goal for the Labour Party in the week of their conference, instead they descended into a comical rabble of fringe protest meetings, heckling the leader’s speech and, hilariously, a debate about whether men had a cervix. We are not making this up.

With a suicidal, pavlovian response to every single “woke” issue of the day and completely unable to stop themselves, this week their leader has been at it again.

With Daniel Craig making his final appearance as James Bond in No Time To Die, hanging up his Walter PPK and licence to kill forever, there has been the usual speculation about who will take on the role going forward.

In a conference interview on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Labour leader Keir Starmer was not even asked about the next James Bond, he was asked who his favorite Bond actor is, to which he replied:

“I don’t have a favourite Bond but I do think it is time for a female Bond.”

Well done Keir! We are sure there is nothing more important to the post-industrial Labour heartlands of Huddersfield and Sunderland than the genitalia of a fictional character!

This is despite series producer Barbara Broccoli saying that there will never be a female Bond, that he will never switch genders. Daniel Craig agreed the role should be played by a man. Even writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who commentators claimed was being brought in to push a female agenda, stated that women should create their own characters and not simply gender swap male roles to create a female Bond.

Of course, those of us who grew up in the 1980s are more than familiar with the idea of a Jane Bond.

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