Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment are having meetings with potential directors to get Twister 2 off the ground. The Jan de Bont original movie from 1996 was a big, big hit for Universal and even spawned a theme park experience. The sequel will apparently be named Twisters and will be big budget.

The Revenant writer Mark L. Smith apparently wrote a script that was so good that Steven Spielberg fast tracked the movie for Amblin.

Top Gun: Maverick director Joseph Kosinski was in the big chair but is locked into the Apple Formula One movie with Brad Pitt so this leaves the way clear for a new director. The names in the frame apparently include Prey director Dan Trachtenberg and Bumblebee director Travis Knight. Others are also taking meetings.

The rumor is that Helen Hunt’s character will return with the lead being the daughter she had with Bill Paxton’s character.

In June 2021, Hunt had expressed interest in developing a sequel to the original film. The studio rejected Hunt’s plans for writing and directing it, due to her character being killed off for the sequel.

Paxton sadly passed away in 2017 while undergoing treatment for a heart problem.

The lead character will be a young woman who has caught the storm chasing bug her parents had and is pursuing the dangerous s career.

Universal and Warner Bros. Pictures are co-financing the project. Old hand Frank Marshall is producing and Universal will lead creatively.

The original Twister grossed $495 million worldwide and became the second-highest-grossing movie of 1996. It was a Michael Crichton project and sold an estimated 54.7 million tickets in the U.S. It received positive reviews and the film received Academy Award nominations for Best Visual Effects and Best Sound.

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