Having invested millions in their new TRON lightcycle ride at Walt Disney World, a copy of the ride already in Tokyo, Disney needs to leverage the TRON brand and look for what the suits would call “synergy”.


So the long-rumored, much discussed, never progressing third TRON movie is actually going to move forward. We talked about the latest evolution of the franchise nearly a year ago, when it was revealed Jared Leto was a big fan and he was pushing hard for a sequel that had been referred to as TRON: Ares.

Things have now moved fast. Not only is TRON: Ares looking to lock in an August start of shooting in Vancouver, but the studio is pursuing Norwegian filmmaker Joachim Rønning (Kon-Tiki, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales) to direct. Jared Leto remains attached.

Newly minted Top Gun: Maverick King Of The World Joseph Kosinski directed TRON: Legacy 13 years ago. That was a direct sequel to the 1982 original and we suspect every Outposter owns a copy of the Daft Punk soundtrack.

It looked amazing, sounded fantastic but felt a little lacking for some reason. There was an emptiness about it. It did leave the plot dangling in an intriguing place.


A $400 million worldwide gross was dented by the $170 million budget, so Disney got gun shy about a 3rd trip into the grid. Then Leto started pushing hard and, in 2020, Lion director Garth Davis was being lined up to direct from a screenplay by Jesse Wigutow.

According to the reports in yesterdays trades, Wigutow’s script is still the chosen one.

Leto, Justin Springer, Jeffrey Silver, and Emma Ludbrook will produce. If Rønning signs on, he will start work immediately following post-production on the Jerry Bruckheimer project Young Woman and the Sea, also at Disney. This stars Daisy Ridley as Gertrude Ederle, the first woman to swim across the English Channel.

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