As the much-delayed Jurassic World Dominion finally hoves into view in 2022, director Colin Trevorrow isn’t wasting any time lining up his next gig. That will be a movie based on the legends of Atlantis. Trevorrow and his regular writing partner Matt Charman, along with screenwriter Dante Harper, are spinning up a new take on the well-known story about the ancient doomed island.


Trevorrow spoke with Empire and outlined why he believes the myths of Atlantis are now ripe to return to the big screen and why new audiences might be ready for them:

“For a generation right now to be able to enter a world that is not unlike their world – where their elders have basically gifted them a civilisation that is dying – I think it is the right moment for that story.”

In reality, Atlantis is a completely fictional island. It never existed. It was meant as an allegory on the hubris of nations by Plato, and mentioned in his work Timaeus and Critias. It is in a fictional story of an antagonist naval power that besieges Ancient Athens. This is a pseudo-historic embodiment of Plato’s ideal state in The Republic.

Athens repels the Atlantean attack, being the only nation to ever do so, thus proving the superiority of Plato’s concept of a state. As a result of this failure, Atlantis falls out of favor with the Gods and is sunk into the Atlantic Ocean.

When you think about it, it’s a little bit tragic that generations of crypto-historians and treasure hunters have wasted their lives on an allegory. This version will be set on a lost continent in the Indian ocean and will be… quelle surprise:

“…a multicultural civilisation with its own advanced technology…”

Trevorrow says he has always been fascinated by Atlantis, so this is a passion project for him:

“I am fascinated by it. It’s the only thing that equals dinosaurs for me. I guess I tend to go back to the past. But, you know, it was the first time that we had technology. And it’s at a time when we had other kinds of creatures that aren’t around anymore There are just so many things about it that are fascinating to me. So yeah, I’m a deep nerd for it.”

Dominion production designer Kevin Jenkins and artist David Allcock are working on pre-visualization to create the look of this new world.

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