Seven years after taking over from Jon Stewart, Trevor Noah is leaving Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. Noah revealed the move last night during the taping of the show in New York.

There is no date set yet for his exit. Plans will be revealed in the coming days. Jon Stewart took over from Craig Kilborn in 1999 before Noah stepped in from 2015. The Jon Stewart era made the show a fixture for a while. The network has released a statement:

“We are grateful to Trevor for our amazing partnership over the past seven years. With no timetable for his departure, we’re working together on next steps. As we look ahead, we’re excited for the next chapter in the 25+ year history of ‘The Daily Show’ as it continues to redefine culture through sharp and hilarious social commentary, helping audiences make sense of the world around them.”

The US late night television landscape could be changing. The carbon copy mix of chat show, comedy and current affairs was prevalent across many channels and networks. So voracious was the American appetite for the same show, done slightly differently, that they even had to import the particular brand of smugness required to host one of these shows to keep up with demand.


However Conan has gone. Samantha Bee has gone. James Corden is stepping down next year. Now Trevor Noah is out.

Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel all still remain, but for how long? Has the American love affair with the Late Show format come to an end?

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