Scotsman To Team Up With American Psycho Creator Bret Easton Ellis

Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh is to create a new television drama based on American national tabloid press culture.

The writer has teamed up with American Psycho creator Bret Easton Ellis for the first time for the series which has been given the title of American Tabloid.

According to producers, it will take viewers on a satirical journey through the decades following events from a weekly tabloid publication into a world where morals, political correctness and ethics are left behind.

The show will also feature journalists, who are described as being a –

“Rambunctious cavalcade of pranksters, con men, and rapscallions by the company behind the show, being brought together from all over the world to change not only the landscape but the power of the press forever from scandalous rumour to political puppetry.”

American Tabloid is being put together by London-based company Burning Wheel Productions and a deal is set to be finalised shortly to bring the show to television screens.

Shelley Hammond of Burning Wheel said-

“To do this production justice we always knew we would require writers who don’t hold back and go way further than most would dare.

“We are just beyond delighted that we are ready to agree a deal to make this happen with the incredible talent of Bret and Irvine.”

“This would be the first time the two have collaborated professionally and with the support to allow creative freedom we are confident spectacular things will happen.”

Edinburgh-born Welsh is renowned for his depiction of the darker side of Scottish life and has created Trainspotting, Filth and more recently T2.


Easton Ellis is the creator of the satirical and ultra-violent black comedy-horror American Psycho and cult offerings Less Than Zero and The Rules Of Attraction.

The company were behind screenplay Creation Stories which was written by Welsh and produced by filmmaker Danny Boyle.

It tells the story of Creation Records co-founder Alan McGee, the man who discovered Oasis in the 90s.