Saban Films released a trailer for Crime Story, the new thriller starring Richard Dreyfuss as a former mob boss seeking revenge.

Crime Story

Crime Story follows the story of a former mob boss named Ben Myers who is done dirty by some thugs after being the target of a robbery and is now looking to exact his revenge.

Here’s the trailer:

Saban’s official synopsis reads:

“When ex-mob boss Ben Myers (Dreyfuss) becomes the target of a house robbery, he sets out on deadly revenge. But with his family in their sights, Myers must finally face the consequences of his dark past in this action-packed crime thriller.”

Crime Story is written and directed by Adam Lipsius, who also served as a producer. The film also features Cress Williams, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Derek Russo, Haviland Stillwell, and Andrea Frankle.

The movie was produced by Kristopher Wynne, Alex Mace, and Tara Ansley, while the associate producers are John DeFazio, John Grace, and Terrence Kiriokos.

It seems Dreyfuss is currently following in the footsteps of Bruce Willis and Nicolas Cage by getting into the cheesey action, straight to DVD game. According to IMDB, he made 7 movies between 2018 and 2019.

These movies came on the back of writer Jessica Teich accusations of sexual harassment against Dreyfuss back in 2017, which allegedly occurred during the filming of an ABC special.

The actor denied the allegations but said he had been overly flirtatious in his past, and that he regretted that behavior.

Crime Story

Crime Story arrives in theater, on digital and On Demand August 13th.

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