“Red Five Standing By”

Last week, the EA Play 2020 showcase gave fans a treat with details regarding the upcoming release of Star Wars: Squadrons.

EA provided an impressive video trailer as well as a number of modes and features players can enjoy when the game drops in October.

Here’s the footage –

In single-player action, you’ll alternate between play a New Republic’s Vanguard pilot and a fighter in the Empire’s Titan squadron in a battle for galactic space supremacy.

Online gameplay will consist of squads of five fighters who can choose from eight customizable base ships: Tie Fighter, X-Wing, Tie Interceptor, A-Wing, Tie Reaper, U-Wing, Tie Bomber and Y-Wing.

EA now seems to be embracing the crossplay gaming wave, and Star Wars: Squadrons competitors on PS4, Xbox and PC will all be able to join each other online. At release, the game will be available on PS4, Xbox and PC.

Additionally, there will be VR support on the PS4 and PC.

The game will come out on October 2nd for all current-generation platforms. It’s unclear if or when the game will be available on the next-gen PlayStation and Xbox.