Walton Goggins Dons The Denim Shorts

A trailer has dropped for John Bronco starring Walton Goggins as the legendary Ford pitchman who vanished from public life in 1996 and hasn’t resurfaced.

John Bronco chronicles the rise to fame of the pitchman for the original Ford Bronco, which begins with his 1966 Baja 500 victory driving a prototype Ford SUV. The speech he gave at that victory celebration is said to have changed the world and led Ford to call that SUV the Bronco.

He was everywhere after that, but as with so many Hollywood stories, it all came to an end when he disappeared. Now, a single question remains. Where is John Bronco?

What’s that? You never heard of this guy? Check this out –

The pitch is short and sweet –

“The unbelievable story of the rise, fall and ultimate redemption of the legendary pitchman for the Ford Bronco.”

There are a few interesting names attached to this as well, Dennis Quaid narrates the feature, which includes Bo Derek, Tim Meadows, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar among others.

John Bronco was scheduled to make its world premiere at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival until the pandemic torpedoed it. Imagine Documentaries is still planning to release the film later this year.

Where the hell is John Bronco?