Movie Will Premiere At Fantastic Fest

Premiering at Fantastic Fest this weekend, a trailer has been released for writer-director Ryan Spindell’s upcoming horror anthology The Mortuary Collection.

In the movie, a young girl attends a funeral in an old mortuary and stumbles upon a room full of curiosities where she meets the ominous mortician. He guides her through his collection, sharing four stories of unique and memorable deaths from the 1950s through the 1980s.

Here’s the trailer:

Each of the four stories moves chronologically from the 50s through the 80s. A 50s housewife struggles with a mysterious presence in her bathroom; a 60s college boy gets a taste of his own fraternizing medicine, and a 70s husband makes some tough decisions about his wife — all culminating in the 80s-set The Babysitter Murders.

Allegedly, The Mortuary Collection showcases a balance of humor, terror, squirm-inducing moments, and the ability to completely pull the rug out from under the audience.

It stars Clancy Brown, Caitlin Fisher, Christine Kilmer, Jacob Elordi, Ema Horvath, Jennifer Irwin, James Bachman, Barak Hardley, Sarah Hay, Ben Heathcoat, Mike C. Nelson

The Mortuary Collection will be released later this year.

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