“The Garage Sale From Hell”

Saban Films has released the first trailer for the Wrong Turn reboot which was formerly known as Wrong Turn: The Foundation.

The movie teams the producers of Resident Evil with the original Wrong Turn screenwriter Alan B. McElroy to create a new take on this horror franchise. The original hit theaters in 2003 and inspired a series of five sequels but the series flatlined in 2014.

The horror is heading back to the woods for a fresh round of gory nonsense and it will be getting a limited engagement on the big screen. Here’s the trailer –

Saban released the following synopsis –

“When six friends from New York take a hiking trip to the beautiful West Virginia moutains, they unwittingly fall prey to a savage sect known as The Foundation. Wrong Turn taps into the most basic human fear of being hunted, and delivers a taut horror with relentless adversaries, nightmarish twists and turns, and devastating consequences.”

The villains in the original were inbred mutant cannibals, while in the new Wrong Turn, it’s a group known as The Foundation, which appears to be some sort of survivalist militia.

Mike P. Nelson directs and is working from a script by franchise creator McElroy. The cast includes Charlotte Vega, Matthew Modine, Damian Maffei, Bill Sage, Emma Dumont, Valerie Jane Parker, Chaney Morrow and David Hutchinson.

Wrong Turn: The Foundation will be in n theaters for one night only on January 26th, after which it heads straight to VOD.