The big changes keep rolling around DC at Warner Bros. Discovery. James Gunn is in, as part of a team to sort it all out. Pretty quickly after that news broke came the next announcement. HBO Max’s Green Lantern is to totally reset and start over.

Arrowverse creator Greg Berlanti was in line to executive produce the show, which was to focus on Guy Gardner (played by Finn Wittrock) and Alan Scott (played by Jeremy Irvine). With a $120 million budget it was to be the most expensive DC show yet.

Now that is all out. Writer and showrunner Seth Grahame-Smith has exited the series after completing scripts for a full season. He chose to leave the project due to the large number of executive changes that have seen new leaders at both HBO Max and its parent company.

Zack Snyder's Justice League
Green Lantern, as deleted from The Snyder Cut

Apparently now that Walter Hamada is out, his decision that John Stewart is not to be the subject of any new adaption has been rescinded. Production will start again and the show will be based around the character of Stewart.

Stewart’s Green Lantern was a key member of the Justice League. Does this mean that we are limbering up for more League now that Cavill is back? It would seem to either be engineered to fit in with whatever happens next at DC, or at least an opportunity if accidental timing.

Berlanti Productions remain driving, for now. Warners is expected to take a tax write-down on the work so far, just like they did for Batgirl.

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