Tom Holland started his acting career on the stage, playing Billy Elliot because he is a very accomplished dancer. I’m still surprised someone hasn’t mentioned a musical of Spider-Man, since he would be perfect.

All the Spidey fans are waiting for the third Spider-Man movie, No Way Home, to come out later this month. Holland is getting his tap shoes ready to take on the role of Fred Astaire in a new biopic from Sony Pictures.

Holland has said:

“Oh I’m playing Fred Astaire. The script came in a week ago; I haven’t read it yet. They haven’t given it to me. I know Amy Pascal has the script. She Facetimed me earlier when I was in the bath and we had a lovely Facetime. But I will be playing Fred Astaire.”

Pascal has been on the record saying she would love Holland to play the part, she first mentioned it in a profile about Holland in GQ magazine last month. It will certainly keep Holland busy since the new movie Uncharted is due out and rumours about more Spider-Man movies after No Way Home.

Astaire had a career spanning over 70 years before passing away in 1987. He had a dancing family and starred with his siblings at an early age, before heading off to dance on Broadway and the West End. He has starred in movies such as Dancing Lady (1933) with Joan Crawford, Easter Parade (1948) with Judy Garland and Funny Face (1957) with Audrey Hepburn.

Astaire was a perfectionist with his dancing, as this video shows two different takes for the same dance.

I’d be interested in seeing a biopic of Fred Astaire, my dad had me watching the classic musicals as a kid. What do you think of Tom Holland playing him?

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