He’s doing it! The crazy son of a bitch is actually doing it! Tom Cruise has heard there are no phones in space, so he will once again not phone anything in. He always brings his A game but this time he’s taking that A game and strapping it to a rocket.

Cruise’s movie career now just seems to be about him chalking things off his bucket list while finding new ways to injure himself to deliver a thrill for the audience. Want to fly a jet fighter? No problem, we just spin up Top Gun 2. A halo jump? Get the Mission: Impossible script writer on the phone (that he doesn’t even know how to use, as he’s never phoned anything in, in his life!)

“My A game is about this big”

This time around? That’s right. Tom Cruise is actually going to make a movie in space!

Tom Cruise and Elon Musk’s Space X company are working on a project with NASA. It will be the first feature film to be shot in space. The project will NOT be a Mission: Impossible film so no riffing on Moonraker for Ethan Hunt. They are apparently working on logistics and have not settled on a studio yet.

It is said to be an action-adventure and the script is currently just an outline.  But this is really happening.

Further details are expected to be forthcoming shortly.