The Rings Of Power show runners Patrick McKay and J.D. Payne have lashed out at Tolkien fans calling them “patently evil” all because they don’t like their little show.

Having given The Hollywood Reporter exclusive access to their “top secret War Room” and shown off production sets and concept art while talking about upcoming scenes and sequences, it seems Amazon’s latest attempt at damage control seems to have gone horribly wrong… again!

Rings showrunners
You are not allowed to criticise us or our work you racists!

Muh Racism!

Payne whines that people don’t like The Rings Of Power just because they are upset with its diversity, particularly with the casting of ‘BIPOC’ actors. 

“The spirit of Tolkien is about disparate peoples who don’t trust one another and look different from one another finding common ground in friendship… That this aspiration would be offensive to people and enrage them… it’s very hard for us to understand.” 

He then said that critics are not defending Tolkien’s legacy, as they claim, stating:

“I don’t see how people who are saying these things think that they’re fighting for good… It’s patently evil.”

Rangz Black Hobbit
Everything is racist!

Anonymous Trolls

This is not the first time the people behind The Rings OF Power have attacked critics of the show. Back in February, Prime Video’s Anthony Breznican and Joanna Robinson called Tolkien fans trolls. Through salty tears, they wrote:

“When Amazon released photos of its multicultural cast, even without character names or plot details, the studio endured a reflexive attack from trolls – the anonymous online kind.”

So criticise these people or their work, they immediately start calling you names. These people don’t have the know how or the intellect to fight their own corner with civility. They just lash out like a toddler throwing a tantrum. It’s pitiful.

Rings Trolls
This is what the show runners of Rings Of Power compare Tolkien fans too. #Winning.


They’ve even managed to get the four Hobbits from Peter Jackson’s immensely successful and beloved film version of Lord Of The Rings to sell out and criticize the same fanbase that made them all household names.

Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Dominic Monaghan, and Billy Boyd all willingly bent over and took one for Team TROP. They posed wearing silly little T-Shirts or hats with a number of different types of ears and the phrase “You Are All Welcome Here” in Tolkien’s Elvish. How sad.

Rings Of Power Sellouts
Pathetic little Hobbitses.

But, But, The Critics Scores

The usual shills all point to the Critics score on Rotten Tomatoes (why is that place still a thing?). The critics give The Rings Of Power a whopping 85%. Yet the Audience give it a more realistic 38%. They even said this is solely because of reviewing bombing – yeah right.

Interestingly, House Of Dragon, which also changes the source material and has black cast members in prominent roles, hasn’t come under fire from fans. Critics and Audiences give that show 86% and 83% respectfully. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that House Of Dragon is actually good TV? Just a thought.

So, if you don’t like Disney Star Wars, you’re racist. If you don’t like today’s interpretation of Star Trek, you’re racist. If you don’t like Phase 4 of Marvel you’re racist. And if you don’t like The Rings OF Power, it’s because you’re racist. You see how pathetic these people are. 

LOTR Gandalf

Maybe, just maybe, it has absolutely nothing to do with racism or anonymous trolls or review bombing. It’s simply the fact that people like McKay, Payne, Kurtzman and Kennedy etc. don’t respect the fans, don’t respect the source material and don’t respect the legacy of these franchises

These people have taken a word (racism) that once had so much meaning and importance in society and reduced it to nothing more than a buzzword for people trying to justify why the quality of their work is substandard and rejected on the basis of its appalling quality. Fuck ’em.

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