Secrets. They eat you up inside. Your shame at your sin is like a beast that lives inside all sinners, devouring them from the inside out. Shame at our sin is a burden we all have to bear. I know this from my time in a Cambodian prison after that misunderstanding involving the needs of that young member of the congregation and a chicken my time taking confession here at the Outpost. Trying to keep these secrets both burdens you, and burns you.

So once again it falls to me, the most reverend Reverend, to take your cinematic or televisual confession.


However, if we were just venting our filthy sin all over the place, then it would not be long before we were swimming in filth. We need our deity, our Goddess who can devour the sin we unburden from ourselves. Hark, for she does approach from the depths…


This time we would like to know all about your dirty little secrets, that thing you view:

What is the one thing you watch on streaming or TV that absolutely nobody else seems to watch or be talking about that you would recommend?

No man walks without sin, even your most reverend Reverend. So I shall lead my flock by example and confess myself. I have been watching a show that seems to have no buzz and nobody talks about that it really and truly excellent – Echo 3.


Echo 3 is on Apple TV+ and is a gripping action-thriller created by Mark Boal. It stars Michiel Huisman, Luke Evans, and Jessica Ann Collins in a tale of black ops, kidnapping, espionage and international intrigue along the Colombia-Venezuala border. If you aren’t watching then then you really, really should.

You have my confession, now it is time for yours. Now it is the turn of you, my flock of sinning Outposters. Confession is at hand. Share your secret, vent your filth and cleanse your soul. Confess. CONFESS!


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