Thunder Force is supposed to be a supervillain movie, which could be an interesting concept, but thanks to lazy writing and horrible acting, the movie does nothing right. Most egregious is the comedy. I should put that in quotations because Thunder Force is far from being a comedy. In fact, it’s what I call an anti-comedy. As bad as the plot ends up being and the acting, the comedy is by far the worst part.

Thunder Force is about a cosmic force that hit Earth in the 80s and it gave some people superpowers, but only those that were sociopaths. This causing Earth to have supervillains, known as “miscreants” and no superheroes to fight against them. Apparently, anyone that’s a sociopath is also evil.

Now, I find the concept of supervillains with no superheroes interesting, but this movie does nothing with it at all. In fact, a large part of the plot is about a mayoral election going on. Instantly that pulled me out of the movie. If you have a world full of miscreants running around with superpowers, why are they not simply ruling the world? That seems like the most logical thing to happen.

The movie stars Octavia Spencer, who has shown she’s not at all a bad actress in movies like Hidden Figures. However, she then and goes and makes movies like Ma and Thunder Force. In this, she’s a genius that becomes a rich scientist, bent on finding a way to end the miscreants, as her parents were killed by one when she was young. Melissa McCarthy plays her estranged best friend. They met as kids and quickly became best friends until a falling out. She’s as usual, not funny, and the biggest reason the movie is anti-comedy.

The thing about Melissa McCarthy, she seems to like adlibbing a lot or directors think she’s good at it and tell her to do it. Almost every time she opens her mouth in this, it’s just her going on about nothing, slowly trailing off. To be fair, this happens with other characters too, but they are side characters. McCarthy is supposed to be funny and the closest I’ve seen her be “funny” is Bridesmaids.

The two best friends reunite when McCarthy accidentally sits in a chair that locks her in and gives her multiple shots in the face. Spencer comes in just in time to see this happen and explains that she was supposed to be the one taking the shot because it gives her super strength. She finally found a way to give herself superpowers to fight off the miscreants. However, now McCarthy has the super strength and Spence has to settle with just being able to turn invisible.

Together they form the team… Thunder Force. Seems appropriate given who they are. After a montage of them working out, learning to fight, and use their powers, they start fighting bad guys. This is where the movie loses me in terms of supervillains. There seems to be only three, at all. I guess that’s why none of them have taken over the world. Jason Bateman is in it as one of the villains, but his whole Jason Bateman schtick is really getting old and of course, that’s what he does.

Thunder Force is barely a movie at all. It tries too hard to be funny through bad writing and horrible adlibbing, instead of actually working on the writing and making the jokes land. Having McCarthy blathering on and on is not funny and that’s all she does. I can’t help feeling like when the actors would ask “what’s my motivation?” the director would simply say “you do you.”

Well, now I feel all I’ve done is gone on and on blathering about this movie being garbage. If you don’t want to torture yourself, stay far away from this movie. It’s not even “so good it’s bad” territory.

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