Hollywood is preparing the Remake-A-Tron again with news that Zac Efron is to star in a remake of 1987 comedy Three Men and a Baby. This will be on the Disney+ streaming service, not a theatrical release.

Efron has shown surprisingly good comic ability and timing in his movies since leaving the clutches of High School Musical. The original film followed Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson as three wealthy, successful and handsome New York bachelors. They were living their awesome batchelor life in their awesome New York loft apartment when they find themselves caring for a baby.

Star Trek legend Leonard Nimoy directed what became a smash-hit movie and spawned a sequel. A further sequel was discussed for may years featuring the now grown-up baby leaving for college, then again with the girl getting married. Nothing even came of them. Somewhere Steve Guttenburg cries softly into his Police Academy residuals.

Will Reichel wrote the script for the remake which Gordon Gray (The Way Back) is producing. A director is being sought.

When I was growing up I could not think of anything more awesome than living in that amazing apartment with two buddies. Watching the movie again recently it now all looks very dated.