Anthony Hopkins is going to be playing Emperor Vesapian in a new gladiator TV series from Roland Emmerich called Those Who Are About to Die for Peacock.

Set during a turbulent time for the Roman empire, when people killing each other was fun entertainment for all the family. Hopkins is set to play Vesapian, the head of the Flavian bloodline. His character is described as a:  

“…battle tested, a rural upstart who claimed his throne after victory in a bloody 10-year civil war. He is aging and is despised by the Patricians jockeying for position in the Empire and looking to supplant his heirs to the throne the first chance they get.” 

Those Who Are About to Die will be directed by Emmerich and penned by Robert Rodat, known for Saving Private Ryan.


The series is based on the book, of the same title, by Daniel Mannix, and is a:  

“…large-scale drama set within the spectacular, complex and corrupt world of gladiatorial sports in Ancient Rome. It introduces an ensemble of diverse characters across the many layers of Roman society where sports, politics and business intersect and collide.” 

It sounds pretty good, apart from the “ensemble of diverse characters”, because you know in Hollywood that doesn’t mean they are all interestingly different. It means something else.

No news yet on when Those Who Are About to Die will be out, but we’ll keep you posted.

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