As the world continues to wake up from it’s COVID slumber, movie productions are starting up again. The delay has caused Marvel more issues than most due to two things. Firstly, they are a busy production house with multiple movies deep into production at the same time in any given year.

Secondly, their well developed, interconnected Cinematic Universe relies on things happening in a set-order. This requires one movie to deliver one part of the greater arc before another can pick up the ball and run with it.

Layer over this TV shows that are also connected, and you can see why COVID has caused them a real headache.

Thor: Love And Thunder was affected. It was originally planning on filming around now. However it was to shoot in Sydney, Australia once another Marvel production, Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings, had cleared the way. Shang-Chi was halted just after production began due to the pandemic. It is now expected to film for much of the back half of this year. This means Thor cannot start until next year.

Now Natalie Portman has revealed that this all lines up and she will start work on the movie in Australia early next year.

In an interview with tennis superstar Serena Williams, Williams also asked Portman about Thor and if isolation gave Portman more time to work out for the role. This is due to the suspicion that Jane Foster will assume the God Of Thunder mantle for at least part of the movie.

The director Taika Waititi also spoke to the BBC and confirmed he is doing his final polish on the script, describing it as “so insane” and “very romantic”. No confirmation yet on Christian Bale’s appearance and character, however the rest of the gang will definitely be on screen in 2022, second COVID spike permitting.

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