Hardcore fans seem to hate it, but it appears that this version of Star Trek is here to stay for a while. The cinematic version appears to be dead in the water, but on TV it’s all systems go for more Star Trek. Lot’s more.

After Star Trek: Discovery arrived in 2017 they followed it up with Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Lower Decks. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and Star Trek: Prodigy are yet to arrive but they don’t look any more promising than Discovery and Picard.

Guess it just goes to show that a bunch of people shouting on the internet no longer has any real impact on decisions taken in Hollywood. If it did, Alex Kurtzman wouldn’t be running the show, but he is, and he has this to say:

“Heather Kaden and Aaron Baiers, who work with me at [production company] Secret Hideout – we literally just got off a call with the network mapping out with us through 2027. Now when I say that, it’s not like it’s set in stone. It’s just, ‘Here’s a plan. Here’s what we’re looking at. Here’s how the different shows are going to drop.’

Consider the fact that it takes a year from inception – from starting production – to airing, you have to plan way, way, way in advance to get these things done, and you have to stay on top of the zeitgeists and make sure that what you’re doing is relevant. So you have to plan so far in advance now in different kinds of ways [like safety and budget] to seem loose and improvisational, but there’s nothing loose and improvisational about it.”

Seven more years of Trek. CBS All Access just launched season 3 of Discovery with it’s time shift into the 32nd century. In days gone by, such a radical retooling was usually the harbinger of cancellation doom for a show. Discovery bucks this trend by being renewed for a fourth season already and getting positive write-ups for the new direction. The tone was said to have taken it closer to classic Trek. Yes… don’t they all!

With the U.S.S. Discovery crew travelling into a wormhole and coming out 900 years in the future they can, at least, create their own canon.

How this will deal with a vastly unlikeable character roster and general Trek malaise remains to be seen. Still, seven more years of Kurtzman Trek. F–k you, 2020!