Sky TV has released a trailer for This England. This is a six-part miniseries starring Kenneth Branagh as the UK’s soon to be booted out Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Look, I could chew your ear off with my personal views on the pandemic, Brexit, Johnson and the political landscape here in the UK. But this is a movie website first and foremost so I’ll keep my mouth shut and give you what I know.

This England 1
Kenneth Branagh is unrecognisable as Boris Johnson.

The Focus

Originally titled This Sceptred Isle, the miniseries is based on the first-hand testimony of people inside 10 Downing Street, the Department of Health, and the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies. It will unpack the government’s handling of the pandemic. 

It will also explore experts and scientists racing against time to understand the virus. It will tell the story of how the doctors and nurses of the NHS worked to overcome the initial challenges posed by the coronavirus outbreak.

The role of care workers is also highlighted alongside people who saw their lives thrown into turmoil. Some of which are still struggling today now that the financial impact of the pandemic has come home to roost.

This England 3
On the left the Politician and his wife. On the right, the actors. It’s the same picture.


This England was recently sold to 88 territories worldwide by distributor Fremantle. Fremantle International CEO Jens Richter called This England a:

“Truly unique drama that combines Michael Winterbottom’s talent for conveying powerful real-world stories with a stunning performance from Kenneth Branagh.

This dramatic behind the scenes dramatisation of how the government, the scientists, the medical community and ordinary people around England faced these extraordinary events will fascinate and compel viewers.”

Boris 2
“Stay home. Don’t go out. Don’t visit friends or family. Right, I’m off back to Number 10 for a good old knees up with the chaps.”

Over To You Stark

Sky are the UK’s CNN and with Boris on his way out, I’m not expecting anything other than a hit job on Johnson (not that I care) and the show to be six episodes of propaganda. So I’ll leave the review to the much more capable Stark when it’s released on 21st September.

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