Man, there are a lot of terrible recastings in movies/tv. I mean A LOT. So many in fact I have to turn this into a series. Let’s get started with a handful.

Caddyshack 2: Everybody

This remake/sequel has a terrible script and an even worse cast. Lazy performances by new actors who basically phone the exact same performance for what are supposed to be entirely new characters. Jackie Mason is horrible as Rodney Dangerfield. Dan “Mrs. Esterhouse” Aykroyd is horrendous as Bill Murray. Robert Stack is no Ted Knight. Chevy Chase sucks as a Chevy Chase. Wait-

Willie Wonka: Johnny Depp

Gene Wilder’s Willie Wonka was a genius, lunatic, candy making madman that hated children. I don’t even know what the hell Johnny Depp’s version was supposed to be? Blanket Jackson as an adult is the closest I can come up with on his version’s concept.

Uncle Buck: Both TV Versions

Some Hollywood Big Shot: “Hey, let’s take a beloved character played by John Candy and make a TV version (or two).” Let’s not.

The first version they at least got a fat, white guy (Kevin Meaney). He was terrible. In the second version, they got a skinny, black guy (Mike Epps). He was even worse.

Rachel Dawes: The Dark Knight

In Batman Begins Rachel Dawes (Katie Holmes) was a beautiful, charismatic woman. In The Dark Knight, she’s (Maggie Gyllenhaal) neither of those things.

Q: Daniel Craig 007 Movies

Desmond Llewelyn’s Q in the James Bond movies is arguably the most beloved and iconic character in the series. He’s a serious, dedicated man with a dry sense of humor, who sometimes is a bit of a prick. He’s basically the Frank Oz of MI6.

The clown (Ben Whishaw) they have playing him in the Daniel Craig 007 flicks is a whiny, little bitch who likes soy lattes and appears to have based his life on the teachings of Waldo from that Van Halen video.

To Be Continued…