Well, not to jinx it, but we did it, we made it through 2022. A year that has had its troubles, but here we are, about to face a new year.

All of us here at the Last Movie Outpost love movies, from horror to romance, from exploitation to musicals, we all love how movies can entertain us, scare us, make us laugh. However, 2022 has been a desert with only the occasional oasis of joy.

We are going to be talking about the best of 2022, since there have been some good movies, but over to you, the Outposters, what has been the worst of the year?

The Outposters
The Outposters

To be honest, the list below is long and there are some movies I’ve missed. The list is of some of the biggest movies of the year, from the box office and streaming. If you want to add some in the comments, feel free, I know there will be some you need to get off your chest.

You can make up to 5 votes and they should be hidden until we release them next week and we can all point and laugh at how crap some of the movies were this year.

This poll is no longer accepting votes

What was the worst movie of 2022?
154 votes · 392 answers

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