“Tell Me Something, Jimmy. How Exactly Do You Think It All Ends?”

Clarke Peters, who played veteran homicide detective Lester Freamon in HBO hit drama The Wire, has been waxing lyrical about his plans for a reunion film starring the original cast members.

Peters has said he’d return to the series –

“at the drop of the hat”

“I think it needs to be revisited myself. Some of us in the cast have been campaigning for that for the past 10 years, I would do that only if David [Simon] and Ed Burns [producer] were involved in the writing. But I would do it at the drop of a hat.”

Peters revealed he’s already discussed the possibility of a reunion movie a few months ago with original cast members including Sonja Sohn, who portrayed fellow detective Shakima ‘Kima’ Greggs –

“I asked her: ‘have you heard anything? Are we gonna come back to together again?’”

“We’d throw around ideas about what different scenarios that we might like to pick up on and how we would approach… where we would be in our lives when we were called back together. Who would be called back together. All that.”

Referring to a recent incident in which 39 migrants were found dead in the back of a lorry in England, Peters’ own pitch would involve a time jump, and the Unit assisting with a case in the UK –

“Recently, in Essex, there were a group of people who were found inside of a trailer. They were immigrants, some of them were women, some of them were men, they were coming from south-east Asia.”

“Anyway, it would take something like that [to get the cast back together]. If they were trying to find the network of people who were smuggling these people in and out of the country. That’s the type of case I think would bring together the cold case crew. Because it’s something that we really did work on in fiction and it’s something that has happened subsequently. Something like that would, I think, be worthy of revisiting.”

“Wouldn’t that be nice! I don’t know who you speak to about that but start talking and let’s make it happen!”

Fuck yes. Natural police.