On the livestream this week, the guys did a video on our Top 25 movies of all time. On my list was The Wicker Man, a cult classic, starring Edward Woodward and Christopher Lee.


There was a remake in 2006, starring Nicholas Cage, which was not good. Since Hollywood never learn, it seems that the rights are being bought to make a TV series.

According to Deadline, Andy Serkis and Jonahtan Cavendish’s The Imaginarium and Urban Myth Films are going to make The Wicker Man into a TV series and are looking for potential broadcasters.

The original movie is a cult classic. It tells the story of an English policeman who goes to a remote island off the coast of the UK to look for a reported missing young girl. He is a devout Christian and finds the island is inhabited by a pagan cult.

If you haven’t seen Christopher Lee dancing in a dress and wig, you’re in for a surprise. The movie is bonkers, but also brilliant and has one of the best endings ever put to film.

Cavendish has said about the script for The Wicker Man series has:

“…created a bold, shocking and unique series, pulling the themes and terrifying power of the original Wicker Man into a thrilling modern setting.”

I feel mostly for Andy Serkis. The man is an amazing actor and wanted to turn his hand to directing, which is great, but so far, his directing credits include:

  • The barrel scene from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – according to reports, Jackson let him direct this sequence, but it’s considered one of the worst parts of the series
  • Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle – which no one saw because it came out just after Jon Favreau’s Jungle Book
  • Venom: Let There be Carnage

And now he’s working on a remake of one of the best-loved cult movies of all time, seriously, when is the guy going to catch a break?

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