Netflix has just released a new trailer for The Watcher series starring Naomi Watts, Bobby Cannavale, Jennifer Coolidge, Christopher McDonald, and Mia Farrow. Surprisingly, (to me anyway) this is actually based on a true story and it looks horrifying.

The series is centred on the Brannock family who seem to be on the verge of living the American dream by moving into a luxurious new house in an idyllic neighborhood. The neighbors seem polite and sincere and one even leaves a letter welcoming them, explaining the history of their home.

However, as they read through the letter, things turn sinister as it becomes clear that someone is watching them. An ambiguous voice of “The Watcher” reads out the final line proclaiming their home is their obsession and now so are they, and their torment has just begun.

The Watcher 1
Bobby Cannavale doing his best Tony Soprano impression.

Some unsettling scenes of weird neighbors, paranoia and someone sneaking around in the background of their home, are all expertly intermixed with Olivia Newton John’s Hopelessly Devoted To You, giving this whole series a sense of dread.

I’ll be honest, I’m going to leave you Outposters hanging here because I love a true story so I’ve not looked into anything about the real life events this series is based on. I want to watch this fresh with no spoilers so apologies in advance if you were expecting a lowdown on what happens. Sometimes, the best things in life come to those who wait.

The Watcher will consist of seven episodes starting on 13th October.

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