Anyone Still Watch This?

In a teaser revealed at the end of the midseason finale of The Walking Dead on Sunday, viewers got their first proper look at World Beyond in a short teaser.

Here’s the official first-look –

The current mystery of The Walking Dead universe is all about CRM and the logo with three interlocked circles. We saw them when Jadis (Polyanna McIntosh) finally convinced the group to come pick her up because she has Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), lifeless and unconscious after the bridge explosion.

The CRM group has also made appearances in Fear The Walking Dead, notably with their storyline involving the crew trapped on a mountain where Althea (Maggie Grace) meets a mysterious woman who arrived via a helicopter with three circles on the side.

It’s said that these people represent a group that has a plan for the future of mankind. And fans have been promised a series of films starring Lincoln that will touch on where he went after that helicopter picked him up.

The Walking Dead chief content officer Scott Gimple shared a look at the script for the second spinoff’s pilot episode –

However, with still no word as to when those movies might see the light of day, World Beyond will be the next major peek into this long-running mystery.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond is slated to premiere in the Spring of 2020, presumably after the current season of The Walking Dead wraps and before Fear kicks off its sixth season in the summer.