Do you remember the heady days of 2010? The Walking Dead hit, and that pilot episode was an absolute banger. A slice of TV perfection, right up to the cliff-hanger with Rick in the tank. This was it. Charlie Brooker’s Dead Set had shown that zombies were ready for TV, and The Walking Dead seemed to have perfected the formula. The Walking Dead and Game Of Thrones were appointment TV, water-cooler discussions in the office the morning afterward.


12 years later, the shine has well and truly gone off the show. It completely outlived its welcome at some point around the seemingly endless Negan storyline. The limited plot possibilities – survivors discover community, human fallibility ruptures community, maybe we were the monsters all along? – rinse and repeat, was the Achilles heel of the whole concept.

Add to this the relentless misery, negativity, and all characters sliding into unlikeable, and the whole show had begun to resemble the mood at Last Movie Outpost every time Disney-Lucasfilm poop out a new Star Wars movie. Everything must end, and so too must The Walking Dead. And now it has.

Production on the eleventh and final season of the AMC show has wrapped in Georgia. Showrunner Angela Kang posted on social media from the set confirming it was the last day of filming. This has been picked up by fan sites and spread throughout the internet as the remaining fanbase mourns its passing.

Fear not, floggers of a dead horse, for the world of The Walking Dead isn’t going anywhere.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond may have finished, but Fear the Walking Dead, Tales of the Walking Dead, the Maggie & Negan-led The Isle of The Dead, a Daryl & Carol-led series, and several Rick Grimes movies are still coming.

There is a metaphor here about a shambling corpse, shuffling around despite being long since dead, but I am too lazy to fully form it.

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