Anyone who saw the Disney Gallery series on Disney+ that covered the making of The Mandalorian will now how they used a new technology for the first time – The Volume.

A circular room with walls and ceiling made entirely of LED screens. This displays both light sources and a background in lieu of a full set. The angles and view parallax is adjusted in real time by a computer system based on the Unreal engine from the world of gaming. The visual effects technology was created by StageCraft and Industrial Light And Magic.

Now Dark Horizons are reporting that director Taika Waititi will re-use the technology he used when he shot episodes of The Mandalorian for his current project – Thor: Love and Thunder.

After the Star Wars spin-off showed the possibilities of the technology everyone has wanted in. The COVID-19 pandemic has also added to the demand for these virtual stages. So they are going global and being built everywhere by ILM.

One is under construction at Manhattan Beach Studios, another at Pinewood Studios in London, and another at Fox Studios Australia in Sydney for Thor. All of these will apparently be a new version with changes made based on the learnings from The Mandalorian.

ILM have released a press statement covering the current expansion:

“By every measure, the new stages are vast improvements over the original ground-breaking LED volume developed for the first season of The Mandalorian in 2018. Physically, the new stages are larger, utilizing substantially more LED panels than ILM’s original stage and also offering both higher resolution and smooth wall to ceiling transitions – this directly results in better lighting on set as well as many more in-camera finals.

ILM’s proprietary solutions for achieving groundbreaking fidelity on the LED walls at scale allows for higher color fidelity, higher scene complexity, and greater control and reliability.”

Thor: Love and Thunder is shooting now for a February 2022 release.