Last year, The Terminal List on Amazon Prime caused something of a stir. The Chris Pratt-led thriller, based on the Jack Carr novels, was a massive hit. It peaked at number 2 on the most streamed shows list according to Nielsen. Audiences broadly loved it. Critics were less kind and it came to embody the growing schism between “professional” critics and regular viewers.

Among viewers, a certain subsection had an axe to grind against the show. They thought it overly militaristic, and did not like its themes of individualism and distrust of the state. Many of them simply didn’t like the church the leading man chose to attend.


The Terminal List told the story of Navy SEAL James Reece, who is the sole survivor of a covert mission gone wrong. Conflicting memories of the event and questions about his culpability lead him to uncover evidence of dark forces working against him, his family, and the entire country.

Well, money talks. Or in the case of streaming, eyeballs. Amazon have finalised a second season renewal order and even ordered an expansion show.

An untitled prequel spin-off telling the story of Taylor Kitsch’s character Ben Edwards has also been ordered. This will tell the story of Ben’s transition from Navy SEAL to CIA special activities operator, exploring the dark and dirty side of that existence.

He didn’t want those intestines anyway.

Kitsch will reprise his role and will executive produce alongside the original show’s executive producer David DiGilio. Chris Pratt, Jack Carr, and Antoine Fuqua also executive produce.

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