When Amazon Prime launched The Terminal List it generated a lot of comment. Critics hated it. They gave it a 39% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Audiences loved it, with a 94% score.

People turned out for it. The series scored 1.56 billion minutes viewed on release and came in as the second most streamed show in its release week, behind only the Stranger Things Season 4 finale.


The reason for yet another well-documented critic vs. audience schism soon became clear. Politics. It was dubbed by critics as a “Right Wing Fantasy”. The story of a military man being the subject of a deep state conspiracy involving unscrupulous politicians, a crooked military industrial complex and private military contractors chimed with the audience, but the professional critic class hated it. Especially as the individual prevails against the state.

Now, original novel author Jack Carr has disowned the left vs. right narrative and said the show is apoliticial, while going on the attack at the same time:

“We don’t mention right, left, conservative, liberal, none of those things are even mentioned. The Daily Beast, in particular, their review was quite mean.

But they see an American flag, and they get upset. Or they see someone who is competent with weapons and has a certain mindset and holds those in power accountable for their actions they just kind of lose it a little bit.

There’s no ‘woke’ or ‘anti-woke,’ but just because there’s not this ‘woke’ stuff that’s shoved into it, then it’s perceived – by critics, at least – as not promoting their agenda, so they’re going to hate it.”

Carr had said that The Terminal List would particularly strike a chord with current and ex-military service members who had been on deployment in the last twenty years.

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