The ever reliable Dark Horizons is reporting on a Variety story that makes for very interesting reading. A JD Power survey has revealed the state of the nation with regards to the streaming market. Sit back, absorb numbers!

The survey was carried out by the analysts on a sample of US adults and it shows a 24% increase in the average spend on streaming services. U.S. consumers spent an average of $47 per month in December 2020 on streamers, up from $38 in April 2020. We imagine a lot of this growth was driven by the COVID restrictions in certain states.
The survey went on to highlight that Americans now subscribe to an average of four streaming services, up from three prior to the COVID pandemic. 49% of those surveyed said they had 4 or more subscriptions.
The number of people subscribed to just one service actually shrank and, incredibly, the number of people subscribed to AT LEAST seven services jumped by 5%.  Seven? SEVEN?


81% of respondents subscribed to Netflix, giving it what feels like an unassailable lead. That was followed by Amazon Prime (65%), Hulu (56%), Disney+ (47%), HBO Max (22%), Peacock (18%), Apple TV+ (14%), ESPN+ (13%), CBS All Access (10%) and Showtime & Starz (both 9%).
Netflix was also felt to be the most stable and with the least errors. Peacock was the most problematic with Disney+ coming in behind it.
The big question is, are these numbers her to stay, or will they drop off as we gradually recover from the pandemic?