The story behind the story of Frankenstein is to come to the screen. According to Variety, Fulwell 73 and Rose Pictures are to co-produce Mary’s Monster. The movie will cover the backstory of Frankenstein author Mary Shelley and her efforts to create her 1818 novel, its full title – Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus.


As you know, the novel tells the story of Victor Frankenstein, a young scientist who creates a sapient creature in an unorthodox scientific experiment. Shelley started writing the story when she was 18, and the first edition was published anonymously in London on 1 January 1818, when she was 20.

Her name only first appeared in the second edition, which was published in Paris in 1821. She traveled through Europe in 1815, moving along the river Rhine in Germany, and stopping in Gernsheim, 11 miles away from Frankenstein Castle, where, two centuries before, an alchemist had engaged in experiments.

This inspired her as she then traveled to Geneva in Switzerland where much of the story takes place. She was with her lover and future husband Percy B. Shelley. She competed with his friend, Lord Byron, to see who could write the best horror story.

The book is considered to be a blend of Gothic novel and the Romantic movement while also held up by many as the first science-fiction story.


The 1931 movie Frankenstein is considered the most prominent example of the cinema portrayals of Frankenstein. The book has inspired countless film, television, and theatrical adaptations.

Farren Blackburn (A Discovery of Witches) will direct the feature while Deborah Baxtrom (Living With Frankenstein) writes. Heather Greenwood, Leo Pearlman, Rose Ganguzza, Max Born, Damon Lane, and Jake Alden-Falconer will produce.

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