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The Savior Of BLADE?


Blade is in trouble. The entire creative team was let go after it emerged the script only contained one action sequence and was struggling to hit production dates. The film’s original director, Bassam Tariq, exited in September over “creative differences” Now, just before filming is due to start in Atlanta comes the news that Yann Demange has been brought on board by Marvel Studios.

Demange is well regarded. His work includes the acclaimed Jack O’Connell thriller ’71 and the Matthew McConaughey movie White Boy Rick. He has been courted to potentially direct a Bond movie in the past and is thought to still be a favorite candidate of the producers.

Demange (R)

They are loading up on talent. To fix the script that, according to rumors, needed a total re-start they have hired Emmy-nominated writer Michael Starrbury (When They See Us). Mahershala Ali remains attached to star as Blade. Ali was reportedly involved in selecting the new writer.

According to to a report in The Hollywood Reporter, the new plan is to go with a dark and gritty tone that fits the character better. They say R-rated.

The original Wesley Snipes movies pretty much proved to Hollywood that it was worth treating superhero movies seriously again after the debacle that was Batman And Robin. They opened the door to X-Men and Spider-Man, so started the journey to where we are today.

Filming will now begin in Atlanta in 2023, with the September 6th 2024 release date still on track for now.