By the time July 30th 2021 rolls around and The Jungle Cruise is finally released it will be three whole years since it was shot.

Its not the only movie being pushed back due to this COVID19 pandemic, it is however one if the longest delays.  Most Disney pictures in the newly changed schedule have been pushed back about three months.

The movies star Dwayne Johnson has been on Instagram to explain why this film has been pushed back much further than all the others.

“We had some tremendous conversations with ourselves, Seven Bucks [Productions], [and] the Disney leadership team about making sure the parks are fully operational, that Disney cruise lines are fully operational, functional, sailing the oceans [and] delivering the joy to families all around the world as they love doing. But more importantly than that […] it was very important that everyone had emotional confidence not only here in the [United States] but also around the world.

That emotional confidence allows us to get our kids back to school [and] feeling good about that, allows us to get back to work [and] feeling good about that, allows our Disney employees [and] our Disney team members to get back to work, too, and spread that joy and happiness as they love doing and are so proud to do.”

Feel good movie needs world to feel good.  Corporate product needs corporate environment. Ride based on theme park ride needs theme park open.  Sounds reasonable to us.  Then again we are slowly going crazy on lockdown so I wouldn’t take out word for anything.