And so, it is released! Amazon’s The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power has arrived on Amazon Prime after years of rumors, development news, teasers and trailers.

This mega-super-uber budget production is the biggest thing ever done for television and is probably only even possible because everyone in the world started buying books from Jeff Bezos’ garage 28 years ago. Now he has a space rocket, and we have The Rings Of Power.

So Is It Any Good?

It is fair to say that the more hardcore Tolkien scholars among our Outposter community have not been kind about what they have seen, considering it not in keeping with the copious notes Tolkien left in his appendices.

What about those not so steeped in the lore? Well, reviews have been split. In the UK, the Daily Mail was scathing:



Meanwhile, in the Guardian:



Entertainment Weekly called it:

“…kind of a catastrophe…”

Whatever it is, it has apparently split viewers and reviewers right down the middle:



There will be a Livestream about this at the weekend. Sunday’s conversation between the boys will talk about this and we will be gauging all your reactions and taking your comments in. Join us for that on Sunday at 6pm GMT, 12noon CST either on the site or on our YouTube channel. We’ll be live to get your reactions to the biggest show in the history of TV.

Meanwhile… have you seen The Rings Of Power? What did you think? What did you like, or dislike? The single best barometer of quality in the entertainment landscape is the humble Outposter, so have at it, you magnificent bastards!

**Spoilers Allowed**

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