Gareth Evans is teaming up with Michael Bay and Patrick Hughes to remake, or re-imagining Evan’s most famous movie – The Raid. The project is set up at Netflix and XYZ Films.

The stunning 2011 original was an Indonesian movie following an elite S.W.A.T. team trapped in a run-down apartment building. The whole building is controlled by a ruthless mobster living on the top floor. Everyone in the building is on his payroll and is after the team.


Many pointed out that the 2012 version of Dredd from Alex Garland had a similar storyline to The Raid. Which might be why it was so damned awesome!

When it hit the Toronto Film Festival in 2011 the word of mouth spread. The excitement around it was electric. Sony Pictures Classics released it in the West in 2012 and followed it up with a sequel in 2014.

Talk of an American remake has been ongoing for years, with Joe Carnaghan once attached to direct. This talk stalled and various production teams came and went. Patrick Hughes was once attached as director, then producer, then dropped out entirely. Bay’s attachment has similarly come and gone before.


It appears Netflix has put their shoulder into it, in order to get it over the line. According to Deadline, this time around the story will be set in Philadelphia’s drug-infested Badlands. An elite DEA task force will have to work its way through a series of cartel informants to survive the night and catch the kingpin.

Hughes is in the chair after his turn on The Hitman’s Bodyguard. The Raid will be executive produced by Bay producing and Evans. Hughes and James Beaufort will write the script.

If you haven’t seen Gareth Evans’ latest effort, British television series Gangs Of London, check it out immediately. It is exquisite.

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